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Who are the two Witnesses?
Understanding Daniel’s 70 Weeks
Jesus and the Mount of Olives
Faces of men, hair of women
Mountains in Prophecy
The Kingdom Controversy
Isaiah’s threshing sledge
On the chiastic structure of Revelation
The 2,300 days prophecy and 1750 AD
The continuity of prophecy
The great hail of Revelation 16:21
God’s sword in prophecy
Jesus confirms the Covenant
The fire of the gospel
The anointing of Daniel 9:24-27
The antichrist prophecies
The supper of the Great God
How many sevens in Revelation?
On the bottomless pit, and the binding of Satan
Jewish fables about gehenna
The parable of the talents, and talent-sized hail stones
Clarence Larkin’s mountain peaks of prophecy
The miracle at Cana, and the Elisha connection
Jeremiah’s extension of Jerusalem
A city built by God
Mount of Olives
When Israel went out of Egypt: Psalm 114
The land metaphor and the gospel
The land promise in the New Covenant
The earth helped the woman
The promised land: shadow vs. substance
Timeline of theories on the two witnesses
A timeline of the time, times and a half
Prophecy and God’s plan
Symbolic horses of Joel 2 and Revelation 9
Faith can move mountains
The land devours its inhabitants: Ezekiel 36:13
The seven year covenant
The wells of salvation
The two wings of a great eagle
The desert will blossom as the rose
Gog and Magog and the camp of the saints
What is the role of the promised land in the gospel?
What the promised land means
How the world learns of God
R. Govett on the First Woe
Comments on ‘R. Govett and the First Woe’
Jesus prepares our resting-place
The woman’s second flight to the wilderness in Revelation 12
Interpreting the three and a half years of prophecy
Jeremiah’s extension of Jerusalem
On the time, times and a half of Daniel and Revelation
Discrete Millennialism
Zechariah’s astonished horses and the second woe
Prophecy and literalism
The mountains of Isaiah 40 & 41
The acceptable year of the Lord
New wine in Joel
The last time
Turning waters to blood
Zion’s foundations
Isaiah’s threshing sledge
Ascending and descending in Revelation 11-12
The time, times, and a half, and remaining time of the Church
The river of water from the mouth of the serpent
The land promise in Hebrews 3:6-4:11
The times and seasons of the gospel
Why is prophecy obscure?
The 3½ years of no rain, and the gospel age
Mountains and islands were moved out of their places
How were Daniel’s prophecies sealed?
Peter Barlow on the history of Astronomy
Did the sun stand still?
A short historical sketch of Astronomy by Thomas N. Orchard
John Hutchinson’s Cosmology
Eudoxus and Ezekiel’s wheel theophany
On the firmament in Psalm 136:6
The waters above the heavens
Andrew Jukes on the biblical types
Patrick Fairbairn on Gog and Magog
Luis de Le´on and Isaiah 2:2
Nicholas of Cusa and Daniel’s 2,300 days
The Bible and Cosmology by R.L. Harris
The Geocentric Cosmology of Genesis 1:1-19 by Thomas M. Strouse
Alexander McCaul on Prophecy
The Miracle of Joshua by Daniel Katterns
A. Y. Collins on Daniel 8
Antiochus IV and the Jews by E.S. Gruen