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Ezekiel and Leviticus 26

February 24, 2012 Comments off

In the table below, points of contact between Leviticus 26 and Ezekiel’s prophecy are compared.

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The church and Leviticus 26

February 13, 2012 Comments off

William D. Barrick, Professor of Old Testament at The Master’s Seminary, is the author of an article on The Eschatological Significance of Leviticus 26. [1] He says in the abstract, “Though the NT has only one direct reference to Leviticus 26, application of the chapter to believers of every era is obvious: faith is the binding requirement for anyone to have a relationship to the God of Abraham.” Read more…

Times and weeks in Daniel 9 and Leviticus 26

January 27, 2011 Comments off

The periods of “seven times” mentioned in Leviticus 26 correspond to the 70 years of the exile in Babylon, plus the three sections of the 70 weeks of Daniel 9. The units of “times” vary in each of the “seven times.” The correspondence is illustrated in the chart below. No gaps can exist in the 70 weeks, and they are fulfilled at the end of the age. Read more…

The 70 weeks and four periods of 7 times in Leviticus 26

January 21, 2011 1 comment

Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy is related to a prediction contained in the Law of Moses, in Leviticus 26. This connection is explored below. Read more…