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Mount Zion, the city of truth

November 29, 2013 1 comment

In several Scriptures mount Zion is described as a spiritual city, and a city of truth. Those who dwell in her have no guile in their mouths. Things said of Zion apply to those who believe in Christ, the Church, not to the earthly city, or to ethnic Jews who deny that Jesus is the Christ. When Jesus ascended to heaven, after his resurrection, he was made Christ. [Acts 2:36] At that time, mount Zion and Jerusalem were established in the top of the mountains, above the hills, in heaven, as foretold in Isa. 2:1-2. Since then, all the Scriptures about Zion, such as those listed in the following table, apply to the Church.

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Dispensationalism and the time, times and a half

November 21, 2013 Comments off

A great amount of misinformation has been generated about the prophetic “time, times and a half” of Daniel 7:25, and 12:7.
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