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Dispensationalism versus the prophets

June 25, 2012

In the table below, some common beliefs connected with dispensationalism are contrasted with the teachings of the prophets and apostles.

The Good News of the prophets and apostles Reference The Bad News of Dispensationalism
the promises given to Israel apply to those who trust in Christ, who are the seed of Abraham by faith; becoming circumcised in the flesh is of no account Gal. 6:15-16 the name Israel applies to ethnic Jews, and to Gentiles who convert to Judaism, and become circumcised
the oracles of God were given in another tongue, which is the language of metaphor, visions, and parable Isa.  28:11
Hos. 12:10
a literal reading of prophecy is preferred, unless it seems absurd!
mountains in prophecy represent promises, covenants, and prophecies Gen. 49:26 mountains in prophecy represent kingdoms, or governments
Jerusalem, and the mountain of the Lord’s house, were established in the tops of the mountains when Christ ascended to God’s throne Isa. 2:2 Jerusalem will probably be raised up above the surrounding hills by tectonic means
the patriarchs and prophets looked for a better country, a heavenly one Heb. 11:16 the land promised to Israel can only refer to the literal territory of Canaan
the Jerusalem of prophecy is the heavenly city which is built by God Psa. 65:35
Heb. 11:10
Jerusalem refers to the earthly city which is built by men
Ezekiel’s prophecy of an invasion by the armies of Gog and Magog depicts assaults upon the church and the scriptures by deceived men throughout the present age of the church Ezek. 38
Rev. 20:8-9
Gog and Magog represent unbelievers who will rebel against Christ at the end of the millennium
Israel will thresh the mountains, which are symbolic of the promises and blessings of God to the saints, and prophecies of scripture Isa. 41:15 nations of the Gentiles will be punished by Jews in the millennium
go up to the high mountain, and preach the gospel Isa. 40:9 flee to the mountains to escape great tribulation
Jesus said, flee to the mountains, which represent God’s promises to the saints Matt. 24:16 Jews will flee to Petra in Jordan to escape the Antichrist in the tribulation
the antichrist spirit will be destroyed by the Spirit of Christ 2 Thess. 2:8 the Antichrist is a human individual who will terrorize the world for seven years
Jews who reject Christ are cut off from Israel Acts 3:23 Israel means ethnic Jews, and the Jewish state in Palestine
Christ has authority over all, and is now ruling upon the throne of David, over the Israel of God, the church Acts 2:36 Christ will reign in the earthly Jerusalem in a future millennium